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Happy Mother's Day 2018

Let’s consider a job offer which has no salary, 24*7 working hours across 365 days and no holidays, not even Sundays!
Who in this world would like to take up such a job? Nobody but a Mother.
A mother is an epitome of Love, Sacrifice, Care, Emotions, Patience, Forgiveness etc.I believe all of you can remember from your childhood days when Maa would get up before you,prepare breakfast, pack lunch, get you ready for school, all while bearing the tantrums that you would throw in order to skip school. That’s just the beginning of the day for her. The job is even tougher for the working mothers, who have to keep a balance between work and home all the time.
Despite multiple challenges, she carries out all her responsibilities without a fail each and every day.
Every year we celebrate the second Sunday of May to thank the Messiah known by many names:Maa, Mother, Mummy, Ammi and many more. Here’s the perfect itinerary to thank your mother this 13th and every other day with our Deals that are avai…
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Superwomen In Employee Engagement 2018!

A working woman is no short of a superhero. She is the true epitome of balancing work and life, and it's amazing how seamlessly she manages both. And just like a superhero, she does it without any ulterior motives and superficial intentions. In our society, there are a lot of women who have not just made an impact in the world with the work they have done, but are also leading various organizations.
Today an individual spends half of their life in their workplace, and hence it is imperative that they stay engaged, connected and upbeat. And this is achieved through strong levels of employee engagement. No easy task!
On the 108th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, let’s talk with some superwomen in the employee engagement space, who through their constant efforts keep the employees in their organization happy and productive. And if you work with them, today would be a good day to walk up to them and say a thank you!

Antara Mukherjee  Senior Manager (HR) – IIFL Wealth Management L…