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MAUKA MAUKA with Advantage League!

The T20 fever is on and we are here to take it up a notch with ADVANTAGE LEAGUE!! If you love cricket then here are your chances to win something for yourself, All you want is the Advantage Club app and you are ready to roll!!

■Things you'll need- Updated version of app
■Things to remember- (Rules)
》Predict winner of the World T20 matches.
》Prediction can be changed any number of times before the start of the match.
》 Earn points for every correct prediction
》Predict by how many runs/wickets your favorite team is going to win and earn bonus points:
》100% - Difference between predicted margin and actual score is less than equal to 10 runs/1 wicket
》80% - Difference between predicted margin and actual score is less than equal to 20 runs/2 wicket
》60% - Difference between predicted margin and actual score is less than equal to 30 runs/3 wicket
》40% - Difference between predicted margin and actual score is less than equal to 40 runs/4 wicket
》20% - Difference between predicted margin a…
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"Superwomen in Employee Engagement 2016" by Advantage Club

Superheroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. They don't flaunt or boast, and are silent benefactors in others lives. But isn't that unfair! Why shouldn't they flaunt? Why shouldn't the world know who its benefactors are?
In the modern world, an average person spends half of their lifetime at their workplace. As the biggest asset of any company, it is crucial that they remain focused, engaged and happy. And this is achieved through strong levels of employee engagement. No easy task!
So on the 106th Anniversary of International Women's Day, Advantage Clubbrings to you  15 women superheroes who know the pulse of their organisation. They have silently worked towards making employees’ engaged at work and happier in life. We call them 'Superwomen in Employee Engagement'. Read on to know more about them! If you work with them, thank them the next time you pass them in a hallway!


The most exquisite list of amazing places to unwind and experience the magical locations, the beautiful lakes and the movements of the waves around the beaches. We bring to you exotic getaway ideas to add priceless memories to your life. Choose your favorite spot today
1.Kashmir- Earth’s Own paradise What not to miss- Shikara ride in Dal Lake From Gulmarg, Ladakh, Magnetic hill to the beautiful monasteries , snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys.- Lose yourself into the enigmatic beauty of Kashmir. Paradise Indeed!
2. Jaipur-  Rich cultural Pink City What not to miss- The Elephant Safari Known for its rich culture and shopping , experience royalty in Jaipur. The Pink city and the City Palace will lure you into architectural realms.

3. Kerala- God’s own country What not to miss-  Kerala Backwaters Sparkling lush greenery, temples, Ayurveda spas, a hill station and the largest tiger reserve in the country all wrapped in one.
4. Goa- Splendid beaches What not to miss- Water sports in North Goa T…
End the year on a movie-ful note!

Here is our list of awesome movies coming your way before the year ends! There’s something for everyone – little ones included. Enjoy!

TAMASHA: This Friday (November 27)
Watch it for: Ranbir + Deepika = Crackling Chemistry
Imtiaz Ali is back with another love story, based in Corsica. This unusual fairy tale unfolds the lives of a nomad and a tourist who gradually develop fondness for each other as they orchestrate tamashas all across the island.

LEGEND: This Friday (November 27)
Watch it for:  The Academy Award winning Director Brian Helgeland of "L.A. Confidential" fame.
Kray Twins, known for the murders of  “The Mad Axeman”, George Cornell and Jack “The Hat” McVitie are back on the scene!  Legend is a classic crime thriller taking us into the secret history of the 1960s and the extraordinary events that secured the infamy of the Kray Twins.

The fabulous Navratri Soirée!!

Happy Navratris!! We present to you a list of the top 13 places in Delhi for Navratri celebrations and dandiya nights! Yes, THIRTEEN!!!!! Have fun this navratri like never before!

1. Kingdom Of Dreams: The Bollywood Dandiya Raas at Kingdom of Dreams is the biggest dandiya event in Delhi which guaranteed fun and frolic. Tasty thali+ Dandiya raas is all you need! Dandia raas- 16 oct to 18 oct.

2.  Diwan: Enjoy the lip smacking navratri thali both for lunch and dinner from starters to dessert!! 

3. Olive Bistro: Savour the special vegetarian menu at Olive Bistro, Gurgaon. 13th - 22nd October

4. Yumist: Have a Yummy Navratra with Yumist as they offer you a treat full of deliciousness.

5. the new Navratri meals served with love and make your navratris amazing.

6. Vapour: "Navratra Special" discounted package deals with Snacks, Drinks & Dinner only during the Navratra's as low as 500/- per person. 

7. Caffe Madhouse:Caffe Madhouse has a lavish buffet lunch to o…

5 Spectacular places to celebrate Oktoberfest!

Gear up as Oktoberfest 2015 is here. Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer and travelling festival. So for all the beer lovers out there, we bring you the spectacular places to celebrate Oktoberfest and say "Cheers"

1. Imperfecto- Hauz khas Village and Cyber Hub: Have unlimited beer at a limited price all around the clock. Savor the rich taste of your favorite beer @ Imperfecto. Refuel yourself with this tempting offer.

2.  Matchbox: Join in for the "Octo-beer" fest -4 Weeks-4 Big Bands, Special offers on food and Beer, The Foodie Challenge & much more...This October only at Matchbox. It Cannot get any better!

3. Kinbuck 2: Dive into deliciousness with amazing offers on beer and food @Kinbuck2.

4. Smokeys BBQ & Grill:Beer is great, but beer with mouth watering food is Awesome!! Enjoy delicious combos of food and beer @Smokeys!! 

5. Vapour: Relish the taste of  Mediterranean, Chinese and French cuisines with some heady beverages. 
So, what are you waiting …