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Happy Father's Day!!

The most important man in your life. The one whose wisdom and knowledge shown you the way, Whenever you have problems he always clings around, Your guide, your companion and a friend and your anchor in every storm- whom you call with love your DAD.
Happy Father's Day 2015!!  Father's day is about recognizing the gift of caring that fathers express when they help put food on the table, teach their child to ride a bike, cheer at a soccer game, smile at a graduation, give their daughter’s hand in marriage, giggle with a grandchild, and most importantly, act as a channel for God’s love to flow through them into the lives of their children. Much like a mother, a father also leaves no stone unturned for his kids. For all the things you learnt from him, to all the pats on your back he gave, for all the times he became your guiding lights and zillions of things your father did for you, He is and always remain the most special man. You cannot really sum up the gratitude and infinite l…


It’s summer and vacations are in full swing. When we think of summers, we think of vacations. Make the most of your vacations as Summer time is a great time to say Adieu to all your laziness and welcome fun into your lives. Vacations help you regain the lost charm and energy. The Best vacation is spending time with your family 
Rediscover lost fun, rejuvenate yourself by eating fresh summery treats and indulge in fun and make beautiful memories with your family! 
Want to spend your vacations exquisitely? Don’t know how to do it! No worries at all, our entertainment partners are there to make your summer vacations more than awesome.
We bring to you all the fun-filled things from delicious plates to Beat the Heat summer activities like paragliding, bowling and lots more:

1.    THE GARAGE: For all those who want to enjoy indoors, THE GARAGE in 32nd Milestone provides you with Go Karting, Bowling, Bull Ride, Rifle Shooting activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

2.    F…