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Because Salary Is Never Enough!!

Dig deeper into the storySitting at home, enjoying the light brew of your coffee and all of a sudden you see a newspaper advertisement Bragging: “50% DISCOUNT on casual wear” and you are all of a sudden motivated to shop no matter how hard it will hit your pocket. Well that’s the uber charismatic power of benefits, discounts and sale. Now turn the picture, let’s imagine this from the side of an employee. Working each day, 24x7, tolerating their nagging bosses, work load and all topsy-turvy situations in office, sitting at the same chair whose spinning power gives a little relief to them in the quagmire of work schedules. Don’t employees love discounts and benefits?? Don’t they crave for something that could pacify them of their stress? Yes, they do! But the sad part is most of the time employers are stuck onto the clich├ęd “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH”, “BONUS” strategies that they forget that just meagre benefits and salary is never enough and how much employees love benefits that can help …