Women's Day Special Feature: Garima Mohan, Sr. Manager - Xebia

Garima Mohan

 Sr. Manager - Xebia

Tell us one of your superwoman moments.
Mine would be when I might have a bad day at home or office but that not letting impact the other aspect of my life as I always say its about conscious efforts

What/who motivates you in life? 
My dad

What's your me-time?
Good Netflix series

How do you balance work and home while working from home?
It’s a conscious effort and you have to remind yourself that the day is over for office work only then you will succeed

A motivational message for other women out there.
No matter what others say or talk about you just keep going and it will get better


  1. Keeping inspiring people Garima!! Your a strong & positive soul!!

  2. Awesome Garima, your always an inspiration


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