Women's Day Special Feature: Richa Kale, Head Human Resources - Egon Zehnder Information and Research Services

Richa Kale

Head Human Resources - Egon Zehnder Information and Research Services

Tell us one of your superwoman moments.
I don’t believe in the concept of “superwoman”. I think that word puts unreasonable expectations on women.  I do not claim to be a super woman – just a human woman. Women need to be less self critical and stop judging themselves and other women for not adhering to standards of perfection. It is okay to do poorly in some areas, be average in others and be a rockstar in your field of choosing.  

What/who motivates you in life?
All the women who have held their ground inspite of challenges at the workplace and at home - they have paved the way for the next generations to move forward. I feel fortunate to be where I am and I hope to pass on my experience and learnings to younger aspirants. My mother is my biggest inspiration to be compassionate and kind – she was a completely guileless and trusting person and I hope I can be more like her.

What's your me-time?
Taking some time out to read a book every day. A long brisk walk in the evenings.

How do you balance work and home while working from home?
I have a supportive partner – my husband is a wonderful father to our kids. He is the go-to parent for my kids and that leaves me free to focus on my demanding work schedule. We do try to carve out family time everyday to play board games, have meals together, or go down to the park for a game of badminton or a quick picnic when the weather is right. Our dog Leo is a great new addition to the family and keeps everyone sane. Every couple of months, we take the car out and drive up for a short vacation in the hills.

A motivational message for other women out there.
Reach out to each other and share your stories. If you feel you are in a tough spot at home or work – when you share your experience you will realise that your situation is not unique. Every woman faces similar challenges and talking about it helps. Be bold about your career choices and learn to take calculated risks. Remember that your career journey may not always be linear – you can take detours to explore what else you can be good at. But whatever you do – please be resilient and don’t give up. In the end- I believe miracles do happen – but not overnight, instead they unfold over the course of several years. Looking back you will be amazed to see how far you have come!


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