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September is Better Breakfast Month. Eating breakfast every day is one of the best healthy habits. “A breakfast a day keeps you healthy always”.
The benefits of eating breakfast are vast and compelling, making the above reasons, well, just not good enough.  Here’s why everyone should be eating breakfast every day:
Breakfast kick starts the metabolism: You need food to burn calories. It’s that simple.  After a night of fasting, the body goes into starvation mode and slows down the metabolism to compensate.  Without breakfast to get the metabolism going again, the body stays at the lower level of metabolism, burning less calories than if it had breakfast.
Breakfast is necessary for meeting daily nutrient needs:  A study published by the Journal of Adolescent Health showed that adolescents who eat breakfast are two to five times more likely than their breakfast-skipping counterparts to consume more of a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.
Eating breakfast helps with weight managem…