Women's Day Special Feature: Xama Mehta, Assistant Manager- HR, eInfochips An Arrow company

 Xama Mehta

Assistant Manager- HR, eInfochips An Arrow company

Tell us one of your superwoman moments.
When I became a Mom

What/who motivates you in life?
I believe we human beings are the most evolved creatures on the planet with the most complex neurological structure. We have a vivid sense of memory and imagination. Every second passing by is a lost opportunity. If you keep reminding yourself of this thing, you have much more to achieve and offer to humanity as a human being.

What's your me-time?
My me-time is my fitness routine- my every morning exercise routine lets me analyse things that I have been through and prepare me mentally and physically for the upcoming day. It works for me as an energy booster. Also, meditation calms me down and allows me a chance to thank this beautiful world for everything.

How do you balance work and home while working from home?
It is challenging for a woman who lives in a traditional Gujarati family to maintain work-life balance while working from home. It's a modern-day crisis for women, but I have generous support from my family in that case. Every woman working from home requires the same. My son follows his predefined calendar, and my sister-in-law and mom help me with the household duties and provide me crucial support for my meetings and calls.

A motivational message for other women out there.
Just fall in love with yourself and come up with the best version of yourself.