Women's Day Special Feature: Vinisha Shree, Sr. HR Manager - HRBP & Strategic Initiatives / Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Vinisha Shree

Sr. HR Manager - HRBP & Strategic Initiatives / Hexaware Technologies Ltd 

Tell us one of your superwoman moments.

I believe every woman is a super woman and every moment is a superwoman moment. We women are blessed with multitasking powers and every second of time we parallelly manage multiple things multi-fold. More importantly, we are damn good with what we do! Personally and professionally there have been many events in my life which can be termed as superwoman moments , and by mentioning one of them, I can't steal the thunder from the others.

What/who motivates you in life? 
I am truly blessed to have multiple powers who have been a driving force in my life. To mention here, I take this opportunity to thank once again the 3 mentors who have not only contributed in my life personally and professionally but have also played an integral part in shaping me to where I am and who I am- Sankha Bhomick -Vice President, Goldman Sachs ; Malini Moorthy - Sr. Vice President HR- Hexaware Technologies and Mr. V.K Prasad - Sr. General Manager (Retd.) - Mahindra & Mahindra. They have played multiple roles for me - as Cheerleader who always encourages me and pulls me up whenever I feel low, as Motivator who constantly inspires me to dream and do big things, as Safe Spacer who protects and teaches me that life is a journey to enjoy & not to be taken seriously, as Challenger who always questions me (which are uncomfortable at times), they point my blind spots to ensure I consistently explore the place of commitment of my success and as Coach who always pushes me to try and do stuff out of my comfort zone. My energy, passion and commitment comes from these 3 and I wish more power to them! 

What's your me-time?
Being the owner of my own destiny, I do stuff which I am truly passionate about and I love whatever I do. So frankly speaking, never found a reason to categorically define something as Me time stuff (sorry to burst a bubble here😁). My life motto is very simple -  Anything which brings smile to me is my Me - Time and universe transpires it for me!

How do you balance work and home while working from home? 
I feel a human is a creature of his/ her habit. I have the blessed power to switch roles whenever required. I feel gratitude towards my support system due to which I never had to take any special initiatives to balance things out for me. I feel life is about decisions. Decisions to be happy, content and create avenues to make a better place for me and my loved ones. And I choose these decisions which keep me going and stabilize me.

A motivational message for other women out there.
I have a tattoo on my wrist which says- " यशप्रप्ती: अस्ति नियती: ". It means Success is destined to me. It's a mantra which I constantly remind myself and practice in all my actions. Maybe it could be helpful for others as well.