Because Salary Is Never Enough!!

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Sitting at home, enjoying the light brew of your coffee and all of a sudden you see a newspaper advertisement Bragging: “50% DISCOUNT on casual wear” and you are all of a sudden motivated to shop no matter how hard it will hit your pocket. Well that’s the uber charismatic power of benefits, discounts and sale. Now turn the picture, let’s imagine this from the side of an employee. Working each day, 24x7, tolerating their nagging bosses, work load and all topsy-turvy situations in office, sitting at the same chair whose spinning power gives a little relief to them in the quagmire of work schedules. Don’t employees love discounts and benefits?? Don’t they crave for something that could pacify them of their stress? Yes, they do! But the sad part is most of the time employers are stuck onto the clich├ęd “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH”, “BONUS” strategies that they forget that just meagre benefits and salary is never enough and how much employees love benefits that can help them simplify their lives! The question here is: What is the solution??


Although a lot of people thought of this idea, nobody executed it in a streamlined flawless manner. Internationally, this concept is already a hit! But in India there is no streamlined methodology through which the employee can seamlessly get information about employer perks and avail them without any issues. And this is how WORK ADVANTAGE took birth as a pioneer corporate discount providing company by not only streamlining the usual benefits but took it to another level by adding employee benefits for almost all phases of life, combine them as a cumulative benefits package and provide it to the corporation directly. Voila!! Problem solved.J Hence, kudos to the founders who came up with this idea.

Why Employee Benefits??

One of the most important components of running a successful business is keeping employees happy and providing them with enough incentive to maximize their productivity. While there are different ways to accomplish this, offering your employees benefits that go beyond the legal requirements tends to be effective. Here are the top four reasons you should offer added benefits to your employees.

1. Increase Your Appeal
The acquisition of skilled and dedicated workers will help create a strong foundation for your business. To bring these individuals on board, it helps to have some tangible benefits that differentiate your business from the masses. Rather than offering the bare minimum, give your employees benefits that help them smoothen their daily lives, health plans, and retirement plans to make your business more attractive. A survey by McKinsey Quarterly showed that attracting and retaining talent was the biggest reason that companies offered employee benefits. Offering solid benefits also demonstrates that you believe in your company enough to invest in your employees, and proves that you’re stable, which can help you acquire A-list talent.

2. Minimize Your Turnover Rate

It’s difficult for a business to make serious progress when employees are constantly coming and going. When this happens, it’s hard to establish a veteran team of experts, and the overall talent level will lack. Fortunately, offering benefits packages is often enough to make employees stick around for the long run. By investing in your employees, it shows that you have their best interests in mind and value their job performance. This can help you build a tight-knit team of professionals that will stay for years.

3. Better Morale

Another advantage of offering benefits is the boosting of employee morale. By understanding and addressing the needs of your workforce, it’s likely that employees will be dedicated and take their jobs more seriously. Showing that you care about your workers is a natural way to increase their loyalty and often to get their best work in return. Nothing can put a damper on productivity quicker than a bad attitude. By providing adequate benefits, you can help keep your employees happy.

4. Better Job Performance

By offering benefits, you give employees more of a reason to care about your company and remain loyal. As a result, they should be willing to work harder, which can lead to greater productivity and higher quality. According to Insurance Quotes, 57 percent of private employers offer more than the legally required benefits. For this reason, providing benefits can put you above 43 percent of competitors who don’t offer extra benefits.
While offering employee benefits may cost a bit more initially, the long-term advantages can greatly outweigh those costs and contribute to your overall success. Your business will be poised to acquire true professionals who are in it for the long haul. This will help create a stable workforce and position your business as an industry leader.

How We Make It Work For You
  • Businesses provide discounts to Work Advantage membership card holders
  • Discounts are featured on Work Advantage’s online portal, and mobile apps.
  • The discount providing businesses are also promoted through pamphlets, brochures, social media and weekly periodicals.
  • The partner businesses would be promoted as a part of ‘employer endorsed trusted vendor network’. 
  • No sign up costs involved.
  • Using the card, the employee can log onto and will be able to see all the deals available near his/her desired location
  • The deals can be availed through the online and mobile portals or the employee can simply walk in, present advantage card and start reaping benefits instantly.

This is how we make the process simpler for both the employer and employees. To stay connected follow us on facebook and our website: ,