Superwomen In Employee Engagement 2018!

A working woman is no short of a superhero. She is the true epitome of balancing work and life, and it's amazing how seamlessly she manages both. And just like a superhero, she does it without any ulterior motives and superficial intentions. In our society, there are a lot of women who have not just made an impact in the world with the work they have done, but are also leading various organizations.

Today an individual spends half of their life in their workplace, and hence it is imperative that they stay engaged, connected and upbeat. And this is achieved through strong levels of employee engagement. No easy task!

On the 108th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, let’s talk with some superwomen in the employee engagement space, who through their constant efforts keep the employees in their organization happy and productive. And if you work with them, today would be a good day to walk up to them and say a thank you!

 Antara Mukherjee
 Senior Manager (HR) – IIFL Wealth Management Ltd.

In a parallel universe, I would be: A professional musician and chef

I start my Monday by: Reading some of Aunty Acid jokes😊 

I spend my weekends doing: spending time with family and friends and cooking interesting stuff for them 

My favourite stress buster: is singing

My biggest inspiration: My Mother.

My advice to the women reading this: Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy every moment of it.

Bhavika Bhatia
  Sr. HR Executive, Evolutionary Systems Pvt. Ltd

In a parallel universe, I would be: Holidaying in Bora Bora with my Girlies.

I start my Monday by: Planning my week ahead & workouts.

I spend my weekends doing: Improving myself & spending time with my loved ones.

My favorite stress buster: A nice workout.

My biggest inspiration: My Sister.

My advice to the women reading this: Take care of your health, workout regularly read as much as you can and holiday often!

Bhavya Dixit
HR & Admin, Flick2know technologies Pvt Ltd.

In a parallel universe, I would be: Leader 

I start my Monday by: Week plan

I spend my weekends doing: exploring new food, plants, places etc

My favorite stress buster: Music

My biggest inspiration: My Husband

My advice to the women reading this: Always be confident in what so ever you do and Never give up. A woman is powered by unlimited abilities. Try to find your that one strength which would help you to Grow. Feel Joy and hope in every situation.

Eti Mishra 
 AVP HR & ADMIN, Global Classroom Pvt Ltd

In a parallel Universe, I'd be: A strong woman, as I am!

I start my Monday withA new fresh mood with full energy to getting tired for the next weekend.

I spend my weekends doingthe creative prospects of my life which are undercover for rest of the days.

My favorite stress buster: talking to my family.

My biggest inspiration: My mother & father.

My advice to the women reading this: Be who you are, be the way you wanted to be, be someone your family feels proud of.

Gurleen K. Bhasin
 Executive-Human Resources, SpiceJet Ltd.

 In a parallel universe, I would beAn Actress

 I start my Monday by Spreading Smiles

 I spend my weekends doingLove to spend time with   family

 My favorite stress buster: Freestyle dancing

 My biggest inspiration: My Mother

 My advice to the women reading this: “Dear Whoever is reading this, Smile. Life is too short to be Unhappy.”

Manasi Joshi
Senior HR Business Partner, Black and Veatch

In a parallel universe, I would be: A musician

 I start my Monday by: another chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week

 I spend my weekends doing: Spending time with my 6-year-old daughter

 My favorite stress buster: I love to listen to music

 My biggest inspiration: My mother

 My advice to the women reading this: be yourselves no matter what & always follow your heart

Parul Thakur
Deputy Manager- Human Resources, Aakash Healthcare

In a parallel universe, I would be: An Artist

I start my Monday by: Praying to keep my spirits high & running, Jotting down all my tasks for the week and cleaning my desk.

I spend my weekends doing: Cooking something special.

My favourite stress buster: Travelling, there’s nothing more joyful than Sauntering on uncharted streets.

My biggest inspiration: It is my mother, she has always been the pillar of support for the whole family, I am amazed how she manages her world so wonderfully that despite so many responsibilities and never-ending tasks, all she reflects is positivity and beauty.

Priya Dhawan 
Deputy Manager – Employee Benefits, VFS Global

 In a parallel universe, I would be: would have been working towards the cause for underprivileged children.

 I start my Monday by: a Cup of coffee

 I spend my weekends doing: Spending time with Family & friends

 My favorite stress buster: Cooking for my husband, Shopping spree with my mother

 My biggest inspiration: My Father, I am completely mesmerized by his zealous spirit of never giving up at any given situation. 

My advice to the women reading this: Help others become better and never let go of any opportunity of learning something new.

Purna Parasuraman
 Assistant Manager Employee Engagement,Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd

In a parallel universe, I would be: Perpendicular. Since I believe in change and disruption as against the status quo 
I start my Monday by: A nice cup of coffee and my To Do list 
 I spend my weekends doing: Long walks, conversations with people I could not catch up with during the week, Watching Movies 
 My favorite stress buster: My baby niece, all of two years 
 My biggest inspiration: Ratan Tata 
 My advice to the women reading this: Believe in yourself and be confident. There is no one like you. Also, be kind to people. 

Resham Wadhwani
 Corporate HR, Angel Broking

In a parallel universe, I would be: A Life coach

I start my Monday by: I prefer reaching office a little earlier than other days so that I can plan my day and get a head start on my to-do list

I spend my weekends doing: Unwinding with a movie,  catching up with friends over a drive with my favourite songs. I also love cooking something elaborate for my family over the weekend 

My favorite stress buster: My nephew is my biggest stress buster. Also, I strongly believe that going into silence and practicing mindfulness really makes one be in the present rather than fret unnecessarily 

My biggest inspiration: I draw inspiration from Narayan Murthy. He had the vision and ability to create something so big as Infosys and yet he is so humble and grounded

My advice to the women reading this: Look after your mental wellbeing, take out time for that long pending lunch date with friends or that Zumba class. Make that extra effort to be kind to your own self, lastly follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Ronita Majumdar Basu
 AVP – Human Resources, HT Media Ltd

 In a parallel universe, I would be: A pianist

 I start my Monday by: Packing my son’s +daycare bag for the   week and running through my calendar for the week

 I spend my weekends doing: Fun games with my son, movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime Videos with my husband and planning my next holiday! Next one is in June and I have gone through TripAdvisor like a 1000 times already!

 My favorite stress buster: Coffee anytime is coffee-time!

 My biggest inspiration: My mom. I completely owe everything that I am personally or professionally to her. As a   single child adjusting to a huge joint family after her marriage,   a working mother till she had my younger brother and a super home manager. I am nowhere being close to her.She has given me complete confidence in my decision-making abilities and has been my rock solid sounding board through my highs and lows

 My advice to the women reading this: Your dreams are your dreams only: don’t dream of what others want you to dream of. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then nobody else will. Lastly,   as women, we need to be supportive of each other and stop being judgmental, of people at home or  at work or even the larger society.

Ruchi Thapliyal
 Assistant Manager - Human Resources, Policy Bazaar 

 In a parallel universe, I would be:  I would be same as I am   here

 I start my Monday with: the thought -”No matter how I feel, I get up, I Dress Up, I show Up & never give up"

 I spend my weekends doing:  Rejuvenating myself my own ways

 My favorite stress buster:  Shopping and having good food

 My biggest inspiration: My Mentor

 My advice to the women reading this: I have learned from both men and women. I have witnessed women who are passionate about their initiative and help others also to grow. As a woman HR professional, I aim to inspire women to build careers into Human Resources and to embrace the challenges in their lives.

Sanchita Kapoor  
 Manager- Learning & Development, Talent Management & Organisation Development,   Cushman and Wakefield

 In a parallel universe, I would be: A Kathak Dancer

 I start my Monday by: One hour of morning exercise

 I spend my weekends doing: Exercising, spending time with my family and watching movies

 My favorite stress buster: Dance

 My biggest inspiration: My Mom

 My advice to the women reading this: Change and Struggle and moving out of your comfort zone – these are the only things constant in your life and lead you to progress; if you can’t rise to these challenges, then you are just making excuses.

Sandra Bysack 
 Manager – HR,vCommission Media Pvt. Ltd. – India’s Leading Affiliate Network

In a parallel universe, I would be: A teacher teaching aliens :P

I start my Monday by: By laying down Mission 5 - Top tasks for the week & preparing calendar.

I spend my weekends doing: Eat | Sleep | Love | REPEAT!

My favorite stress buster: Kiara – My Daughter: World seems so beautiful & serene with her by my side!

My biggest inspiration: I believe there’s not just a single person, who inspires you, if you are able to grab the positivity from the people around you, you automatically feel inspired!

My advice to the women reading this: Chase yourself, work for yourself, do what you love, lift each other up! Remember you are Strong, be bold, be YOU!

 Shikha Taneja
 Sr. Director Human Resources, 

I start my Monday by: Planning my week and one self-learning goal: could be a book, online reads, seminars or conference.

 I spend my weekends: With family and Pampering myself.

 My favorite stress buster: Powerful Music

 My biggest inspiration: My Mother

 My advice to the women reading this: Life is short! Just live your dream! You are special and be most special to yourself always!

Shraddha Singh
Assistant Manager – Employee Engagement, Home Credit India Finance Pvt. Ltd.

In a parallel universe, I would be: a Unicorn

I start my Monday by: a coffee & a donut

I spend my weekends doing: cooking and experimenting in kitchen

My favorite stress buster: a big box of donuts

My biggest inspiration: My parents and my sister

My advice to the women reading this: Love and respect yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it.

Tanushri Nair
 Head-Talent Management & Development, Ireo Private Limited

In a parallel universe, I would be: A bird – flapping my wings and soaring high in the sky.

I start my Monday by: After a relaxed weekend, it can be difficult to get back into a productive mindset on a Monday morning. But starting the work week by outlining big tasks and with a clear, uncluttered mindset helps me through the rest of the week. I usually create a weekly plan that outlines most important tasks of the week segmented day wise. The list is then prioritized by listing tasks on a most to least important basis daily. This includes not just my work tasks but also personal tasks that are to be achieved within the week. So in short, I start my Monday with a positive mindset and by prioritizing my tasks.

I spend my weekends doing: We must all remember that we are much more than just a cog in a machine. Apart from taking care of our work and family, we have our set of interests and passions as well. I feel that cultivating a hobby is a fantastic way to unwind after a long week. It also encourages creative thinking and provides a different kind of strength to be able to attack issues in the professional and on the personal front. I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and like to rehearse during the weekends. I also feel that weekends are good to carve out time for family and I love taking my son out for movies or just enjoying a quiet quality time with family. There are times when I do carry home my work as I enjoy doing what I do and like to catch up on things and stay abreast.

My favorite stress buster: Spending time with my son and my friend. Reading and long drives with music also help.

My biggest inspiration: I genuinely believe that ‘Inspiration’ is a necessity in life to make progress or evolve. The inspiration for me is receiving constant guidance, genuine learning and being able to develop a mind of my own. To the person that I am today, my parents are my biggest inspiration. From exposing me to books, philosophy, music, IT to giving me complete freedom to evolve into a confident person, to helping me develop an aesthetic sense and strong morals, they have constantly been my mentors, guides, and friends. Somewhere deep down I also feel inspired by ‘Lord Krishna’. The learning to be able to rejoice not just in victory but also when one fails has really kept me going. The message that his life conveys- irrespective of the circumstances faced, fill your life with love and laughter, rings in my head persistently.

My advice to the women reading this: ‘Women’ are an epitome of beauty, wisdom, and care. We have the power to nurture and our existence is based on the truthfulness of our love. We are the mammoth reservoir of power and talent and must not let anyone convince us otherwise. Trust your instinct and dare to raise your voice; carve your niche and walk your own footsteps. Love yourself and always remember- we are gifted with intuition and brain along with a heart full of love and compassion- a deadly combination that is unbeatable by any man walking the planet. So fear none and stay focused on its one life; your life - ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’!  

Vandana Chaturvedi 
 Additional General Manager (HR), NTPC limited                                                                              

In a parallel universe, I would be: An artist; a painter; a traveler without boundaries.
I start my Monday by With Green tea- refreshed and raring to go.

I spend my weekends doing: ‘Painting' for I have so much to create yet so little time to do, Catch up on reading, watching my favorite Prime Time shows on Amazon/ Netflix and an evening out with family or friends.

My favorite stress buster: Painting any medium Acrylic, Pen, and Ink, Water Colour or Zentangle art when I am particularly stressed. Colors are my salvation.

My biggest inspiration: Leonardo the Vinci for his amazing depth of interests, multifarious works and Vincent Van Gogh for being an artistic genius despite being a tormented soul

My advice to the women reading this: Every day is a new beginning. Keep striving. You can create your own world.

Vibha Arora
 Associate Manager-Procurement, DXC Technology

In a parallel universe, I would be: I believe I would have been a Centaur in a parallel universe!

 I start my Monday by: I like to start my week by waking up on time (6.30 AM) with full inner motivation keeping my passion & dreams in mind which helps me keep going.
And, spending a good amount of time in heavy weight training sessions in the gym which really gives me a good feeling of being fit in terms of health as well as mind before hitting work.
Because, All I want to do is chase my dreams, my ambitions & become the best version of me.

 I spend my weekends doingWe spend our working weeks in a frantic race against deadlines and battling an ever-growing to-do list. But while the Monday-Friday haul is all about maximizing our productivity and efficiency, weekends should be a time to unwind.Weekend mornings can be the best time to do things for yourself. I love spending time what I love the most Gymming, watching movies, spending time with loved ones & like spending little time alone to plan ahead.

My favorite stress buster: Gymming / Kick Boxing & Listening to my favorite tracks.

My biggest inspiration: Mary Kom, Indian Boxer – The Inspiring Legend

My advice to the women reading this: Make yourself the No. 1 priority, build your financial confidence, Be Fearless, be prepared for emergencies, Plan for financial goals, never look back in your life & don’t ever regret.
Live your life on your own terms & never think what this world is going to think of you. As you can’t please everyone.
Well, any transition in life is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent.
And, lastly.. Being F.A.S.T.  is all about being Fearless, Ambitious, Strong & Trailblazing your way to success.

Vijay Luxmi
Assistant Manager, Human Resource, Adani

In a parallel universe, I would be: An Ocean

I start my Monday by: Listening soothing music

I spend my weekends doing: Exploring new places, 
Adventurous Activities, Self- Pampering

My favorite stress buster:  Visiting New Places, Meeting old friends

My biggest inspiration: My Mother

My advice to the women reading this: You are special with unique strengths in this world where sky is the limit. Strive to reach the sky. Believe in yourself. Always!


  1. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for taking time out of their busy schedule and contributing to this blog. Continue being so awesome and keep inspiring us :)

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