Team Coordination While Work From Home

Working from home seems easy but has its challenges. Organizations are all working from home and getting things done on time. But having an effective work from home at place is essential. To ensure that your team is working efficiently even while working from home, you can do the following:

1Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!: It's essential to build
 trust with employees while working from home. Connect with them offline as well.
You have to instruct and make your employees understand their work clearly as they have to work without your presence. Communicate your word effectively to prevent any stagnant task arising due to confusion.

2. Welcome Feedback: Just like giving your employees instructions is im
portant, so is taking the feedback. 
  During work from home, not everything will go perfectly. There will be issues and at times problems of coordination. If this happens, hear out your employees and give suggestions. Make them feel that they are important too.

3. Help employees cope: COVID-19 outbreak has created so much negativity
 all around that it's natural for employees to be stressed. 
 In such trying times, the leader needs to lead effectively, yet supportively. Guide them and show faith in them. Tell them its a phase and that it shall pass too.

4. Connect through hangouts/zoom meets: To collaborate and discuss al
l the tasks, 

connect with all the employees on the hangout meet or anything that lets you dthe same. Discuss and let everyone know their tasks for the day. This ensures time utilization and meeting deadlines.

5. Appreciate employees who work well:
 Work from home is not easy 
and has challenges of its own for the employees. 

Despite all the challenges, when an employee delivers all the work on time and with efficiency, praise them for it and appreciate it during a group call. This also motivates all the other employees. 
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