Post COVID-19 Workplace Modifications

The lockdown has been extended thrice already by the Indian government. No chance that this pandemic is going to leave us anytime sooner. Amongst this and other crises like the financial crunch & crashing GDP, the government has allowed some industries and organizations to resume operations, provided that they follow proper guidelines and hygiene practices. But you might not find your office the way you left it. Here are the top 5 changes you might see in your office post the pandemic.

1. Lesser workforce @Office: If you were used to seeing 100 people in the office, you need not be surprised if you now see only 30. As per the new guidelines, offices have to strictly follow social distancing in the seating arrangement.
 A minimum one meter of distance is necessary to maintain between two tables. To follow this and avoid any crowd, there will be a distributed workforce in the offices post the lockdown.

2. Rotational days: When your organization resumes operations, you might not have to report to work every day.
To abide by the rules and regulations, you will be called to work in turns or shifts, depending on the number of employees your organization has. 

3. Contactless doors: 
 To encourage hygiene and a safer physical environment for the employees, organizations are keen on installing sensor doors that operate without any physical contact. This might also be seen in the form of advanced lighting settings where no switch has to be pressed for any function.

4. Revamping cafes and meeting places in the office: The small spots and meeting places in the offices will be revamped to encourage the practice of social distancing and regular sanitization.
Sanitizers & tissues will be made available for the employees. The desks in the cafe will be arranged keeping social distancing in mind. The availability of hand-rub dispensers will be made throughout the entire office. Sanitizer sprays will also be used to disinfect doorknobs in the washrooms and other places.

5. Sanitization Chambers: Still not too much in practice but is an amazing preventive method. 
Some offices that have reopened are using sanitization chambers to disinfect employees with a mild spray within the chamber. So this too can be another change that you can see in your organization. 

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