COVID -19: HR Industry On For A Revamp!

Experts say that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be felt by organizations for more than 6 months at least. The organizations are facing inconveniences, yet the operations are stilll on and running. Every department is making changes and modifying the traditional way of working. Offices are shut and the workforce is working from home.

Amid the crisis, the HR industry is all set for an effective and efficient modification to combat the ongoing pandemic and ensure the smooth operations related to human capital when the workforce is working from home. The following listed are the ways the HR industry is on for a revamp:

1. Online recruitment: Unlike the traditional face to face interviews, the HR industry is now inviting applicants and recruiting them through the online mode.
This is the need of the hour. To reduce further delays & make sure that recruitment is done on time, HRs are using the Online recruitment process.

2. Shifting to digital rewards, recognition & appreciation: So far, less than 50% of the organizations used digital rewards and recognition at the workplace.
Now, when remote working is the new trend and HRs have to deal with a distributed workforce, digital rewards & recognition is catching up. Appreciating the employees online for their work and efforts is the new thing to be seen post amid the crisis.

3. Online employee engagement activities: The workforce must be looked after and helped ease their stress off when the situation is tense like the current.
For such purpose, HR industries will now make the use of online activities where the workforce will engage. Employee engagement is as important as other functions of the HR industry.

4. Online upskilling courses: For training & development purposes, the HRs will use the online upskilling courses for the skill development of all the employees.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those organizations where training wasn't through the online medium will also shift to this.

5. Using Big data to make the decisions: The major human capital-related decisions will now be done using the big data.
HRs will now track and analyze the employee behavior and accordingly improve and enhance their employee policies. 

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