Do's & Don'ts While Home Quarantining!

The number of positive cases due to COVID-19 is just spiraling up. And it's happening at such a pace that India might just witness the beginning of the IIIrd stage. While we still are understanding our responsibilities, staying home and quarantining, it's essential to know about the right way to do so.  Here's a list of some Do's & Don'ts while home quarantined:


1. Eat healthy food to boost immunity:
Eat healthily and follow a protein-rich diet. Have fruits every day and make sure that the food is cooked properly.
2. Exercise 30 minutes a day:
Keep moving your muscles while working and always try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Keep yourself fit to prevent ill health.
3. Take a 5 min break every hour:
Its important to take a break for 5 minutes every hour. Do not just continue doing the same activity for long as it brings boredom and quarantine blues. So take a break and probably a walk too.
4. Listen to light music and meditate: 
Light music has always been our go-to for every mood. It lightens the mood and makes you feel good. Add meditation to your daily routine for a healthy mind and good focus.
5. Wash your hands frequently:
The 20-second rule. Always wash your hands for 20 seconds straight to get rid of viruses and bacteria.
6. Sanitize all parcels before use:
Be it anything being delivered at your doorstep or be it the zero contact delivery parcels, always sanitize them before using with an alcohol rub or sanitizer spray.

1. Do not smoke:
It's a big NO. COVID-19 virus attacks your lungs so please ensure proper care of your lungs. Do not smoke and lower your immune system along with lung health.
2. Do not sit in the same position:
Do not sit in the same position as it can cause pain in your spine and knees. Take a small walk inside the room for 5 minutes and change your position.
3. Do not eat food before washing hands:
Please do not eat any food without washing your hands with soap and water or handwash.  
4. Do not call outsiders in the house: When you are quarantining, do not call anyone, not even the healthy people as they might be carriers when exposed to the unsanitized environment outside their homes.
5. Do not leave your house unnecessarily:
Stay inside as much as possible. Do not go out for any kind of work unless very necessary.

6. Do not sneeze/cough without covering mouth:
COVID-19 spreads from close contact and through the droplets from a carrier's mouth when they sneeze/cough. Please cover your mouth with a tissue while doing any of these.