Keeping Employees Productive In Lockdown!

It is almost about two weeks since the PM declared a nationwide lockdown in India. Schools, colleges and universities, shopping malls, trading centers & theatres are all put to shut. All corporate employees are working from home. But working from home every day can be troublesome as it hampers the productivity of employees due to long lazy hours and having nowhere to go out. In such times, there are a few things that organizations can/should do to keep their employees productive and engaged. The following shows how and what can be done to do so:

1. Send them Good wishes on official groups: Every day before the work starts, make sure to send a note to all your employees on an official group that speaks of their good health and wishes. Daily, remind them of the preventive measures that should be taken against COVID-19.
Ask them to drop a message saying, “Hi Ma’am/Sir, I am safe” in the group. Doping messages like this will involve them too and the employees will also feel special about how their boss is trying to keep up with everyone by knowing how safe and sound they are every day. This also allows employees to talk about this sweet gesture among themselves too.
2. Engage with them through wellness apps: There are a lot of wellness apps that can be used during this pandemic to make sure your employees are doing good. Apps like AdvantageCare have all the relevant information about COVID-19 that a person should know.
Not just this, features like Find a test center nearby, COVID-19 SymptomsAnalyzer and find your Quarantine Safety Score, etc keep the employees updated as well as engaged as they can use all these features for not only themselves but also their families. Apart from this, there are stats too that will show the total number of corona cases in India, total recoveries and total deaths on a particular day. 
3. Ask them to post their daily activity as stories: This is a new thing that the organizations can do. Ask your employees to post a picture or a short video as stories on their Whatsapp post the office hours.
They can take a snapshot of what fun activity they did in the break time to entertain themselves etc. Doing this will keep them engaged and at the same time interested in their work.
4. Connect on hangout meets to take feedback on daily tasks: Taking feedback per day from employees about the daily tasks ensures that everyone is working and performing the daily tasks allotted to them.
This will also ensure that the employees are not lazing around before they finish their work and are efficient. Also, hangout meets allow all the people to talk to one another online through a single link. This activity again engages employees.
5. Keep an open-door policy:
In case any employee faces issues with his or her reporting manager while working from home or is asked to work extra coz he/she is available all the time, then encourage your employees to report it directly to you. Keeping this at the place will ensure that your employees reworking without any pressure and ethically.

These were a few things that organizations can inculcate till the time we all are under lockdown. This is a little depressing phase in our lives. Together we can overcome this and get each other through a tough time. Let us stay home and practice social distancing so that this can be prevented.