Get your Corona Symptoms Checked, Know your Quarantine Score & Find a Test Center Nearby!

While the whole world is worried about the ever-increasing cases of COVID-19 affected people and is constantly struggling to contain it, organizations across the globe are facing their challenges. During the current crisis, major problems for organizations include stalled supplies, the decline in demand, increasing stress among the employees resulting in lower productivity and loss of focus, etc. But the biggest challenge is to minimize the risk of exposure of employees to the virus and also manage the operations at the same time.

To ensure the safety of employees and also keep their productivity and morale high, Advantage Club is taking an initiative that will take care of all these issues in the current crisis. The employers can make sure that their employees are safe, quarantining the right way even while working from home, highly engaged and not stressing upon the havoc caused by COVID-19 in the following manner:

1. Know your Quarantine Safety Score- During quarantine, employees can still stress upon whether they are quarantining the right way or not?
To clear the doubts, they can take a small assessment and find out their Quarantine Safety Score. This also helps them learn about what are the things you should avoid in quarantine like, not allowing any outside person in the house, not receiving any parcel before sanitizing, etc. On a lighter note, employees can share their scores with family and friends to let them know how well they are quarantined.

2. Coronavirus Risk Scan: The Coronavirus has symptoms of a common cold. This makes it difficult for a person to differentiate between the two and one might confuse the COVID-19 with cold or vice-versa.
To reduce the chances of mistaking one with another, we have a feature of scanning the virus. With the help of that, employees can check for the symptoms of COVID-19 on the app and do a quick analysis for themselves and their loved ones.

3. Nearby Test Center finder: In such a time when half of the nation is panicking even at the sound of a sneeze, many are rushing to get themselves tested here and there.
To ease off this stress and help the users calm down, the nearest test centers can now be found through the app. Just add your location and you will see all the nearby test centers.

Let’s all stop panicking and start acting. Staying home and practicing social distancing is our key to survival and defeating the virus. For the sake of good and the best, we should make sure to take preventive measures and follow the government guidelines. Sooner or later, this too shall pass. Just don’t stop doing your part and remember, United we stand, yet we must be apart!