Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day Like A Millennial Boss!

Every year, the first Friday of March is marked as the National Employee Appreciation Day. This day, organizations appreciate their employees for their constant hard work & honest efforts. With the fast-evolving work culture and the all-new millennial concept of working, here are some cool Employee Appreciation Day activities, to celebrate this 'Big Day' just like a Millennial Boss.

1. Lunch together: Having a small lunch with your employees enhances employee morale and boosts their esteem. The employees feel happy and special with such activities at work. Also, this is a good way where employees can find some time off work and be jovial for a while.

2. Commute expenses: To make your employees feel special you can give them the commute expenses for that day. It is a very small thing but makes employees feel extra special and happy.

3. Thank You Card: On the national Employee Appreciation Day, you can appreciate and thank your employees by giving them a small thank you card. Thanking them for all their efforts by a small thank you will mean a lot to them.

4. Some Fun-Phrases: You can use one of these phrases that the internet can't stop gushing over. These are some famous social media phrases:

Junior box of Mints: Love your courage & enthusiasm!
Give them 100 Grand:  We hit the lotto with you on our team!
Bag of Popcorn: Just poppin' by to say a thank you!
Reese's Pieces: You're an important piece of our company!
Dear Donuts: You DO-NOT know much we appreciate you!
Mountain Dew: A big thank you for all that was due!
Coffee: Thanks a Latte for all your honest efforts & hard work!

5. A positive Feedback Session: Take the opportunity of Employee Appreciation Day, keep a small Feedback session for your employees. Tell them why they are important to your organization and how their work is commendable.

6. Advantage Club App: To add Cherry to the Cake, Gift your employees all the benefits they can ever think of. The bundle of Happiness; Advantage Club application.
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