How HR Tech Is Changing the Traditional Workplace

“Technology connects us. Technology unites us. Technology amplifies our power.” There is no argument in the fact that technology has been the man’s best friend since forever. Years after years and centuries after centuries, technology has given the best of innovations to mankind and has helped in making our lives more enhanced and easy. As the corporate culture in the country expanded and the workload increased, technology was used to develop various softwares for the ease of employees and increased efficiency at the workplace. IT, FMCG, Textiles, or name any industry, technology has been changing the landscape everywhere.

Most of the organizations today face the problems of employee productivity at work. No wonder they have never used technology to streamline the process. With 2020 here, our smart HRs are switching to HR Tech softwares to find a solution to boost employee engagement. The following are how HR leaders & managers are using technology to streamline their functions and enhance employee productivity at work:

  1.  Applicant Tracking System: The Applicant Tracking System is the latest in. In an applicant tracking system, all the recruitment process is streamlined and organized. There is a centralized database of CVs in the cloud.
    The ATS is capable of screening all the CVs based on the predefined search Algo. This enhances and improves the overall employee experience as well because the employees are only called if they are thought to be a perfect fit by the system. This enables employees to put their focus on things like conducting the culture-fit evaluation of a candidate.  
  2.  Payroll Management Software: The payroll management software helps in calculating the salary of employees on the account of days worked. It works by measuring the hours logged in and the attendance of the employee.
    The payroll management software has helped personnel in working efficiently, removing errors and in the timely completion of a given task. Huge piles of paperwork are now reduced to an online platform where all they have to do is keep a track of all the employees and monitor the data. It helps in managing employee records, benefits & compensation as well.
  3. Employee Rewards & Recognition Platform: Employee rewards and recognition platforms is one of the most rapidly growing trends in the HR Industry. To reduce attrition and keep the employees engaged, HR managers and leaders are leaving no stone unturned.
    The use of platforms like Advantage Club is helping the HRs keep their employees happy and satisfied by giving their employees access to the 10,000+ brands where they can redeem their earned points. The 10,000+ brands are divided into 12+ categories for the ease of the users. Not just this, Advantage Club platforms have features like Buzz, alongside perks and rewards, that let all the employees know what's going on in their corporates. The managers can also recognize their employees and peer to peer recognition is yet another feature. The platform also supports the employee engagement activity buckets like Hobby Club, where an employee can join and connect with their colleagues having a similar interest. They can also post their pieces of work, like painting, creative writing, photography, etc on the wall.
  4. Better Communication Software: HR tech software has enabled clear and concise communication throughout the organization by using digitized communication tools. These tools have helped in enhancing the employee experience altogether.
    The use of tools such as newsfeed, career sites & social intranets is helping the organizations to pass the information through all the lengths and breadths of it, keeping everyone in the loop in an interactive and better way. The same info is passed at the same time to a large number of people helping save time and extra effort of writing emails. 
  5. Performance management Software: The performance management software help in understanding and learning about the performance and efficiency of employees through the in-built technology that helps the leaders in an organization to analyze and evaluate employees and tracking their targets etc.
    The performance reviews, appraisals and learning of the new skillsets are all taken care of by one single software. Again, this has helped in saving a gross amount of time that was wasted on manual calculation and analysis.
  6.  Feedback: This may not sound so important but all the new HR Tech software are being built with the feature of giving and receiving feedback.
    The reason for doing so is that feedback helps the employee as well as the organization to learn about what’s lacking, the scope of improvement and the new opportunities in the industry; for both, the employee and the organization. This is a very important aspect that should not be ignored.