Employee Engagement - Christmas Ideas

With Christmas just a week away and the streets vibrantly lit up with yellow, white and golden lights, the excitement for the big day just continues to heighten. People are busy preparing their homes for Christmas and buying gifts for their loved ones. The year is about to end and so is the decade. Thus, this Christmas becomes a very special and dear one for all of us. 
To celebrate this Christmas at work with employees, here are a few ideas that won’t just double the fun and excitement of your employees but also help engage them.

For the person on your right: This activity involves two people sitting next to one another.
Every employee in the office has to decorate his partner’s table by putting something related to Christmas, like, drawing a small Christmas tree on a paper and then cutting it out or so. This can also include activities like making soft wire Christmas tiaras for your partner at work.

Color code your wardrobe & compliment: On the occasion of Christmas, give a color code signifying the festival.
Ask your employees to get ready accordingly and use an adjective to appreciate their peers for what they wear to work.

Secret Santa: This one doesn’t need any introduction. Play a lucky draw game at work. Make sure your employees write down their names in different chits along with their wishes, fold them and put all of them in a bowl.
Shuffle the chits. Then, ask the employees to pick one chit at a time from it. The name of the employee one gets on the chit is the person who he will give a gift to this Christmas. Like that, every employee will have a secret Santa giving them the gift of their choice.

20 minutes of Carols & Quiz: This is another activity that can be done for the employees.
Form teams of 10 employees each and randomly start singing the carols that you used to when in school. Take all your employees down their memory lane. Oh, Nostalgic!
You can also play a Christmas quiz of about 10-15 questions related to Christmas that are basic and easy. Those who win can get a cupcake as their prize.

Potluck lunch: Every employee will prepare and bring a dish to work.
Similarly, others will do the same and then employees will share their food. Sharing food signifies sharing love, care & warmth.

Reward Employees: On Christmas, make sure you tell your employees how much you love them by appreciating them for their commendable work this year. Reward and recognize your employees using Advantage Club, the most appreciated and efficient app made to cater to the big problems all organizations face today; employee engagement and retention.
Use AC for employee perks, benefits, R&R and appreciation. Let your employees avail discounts across 10,000+ brands and 12 categories. As this is the holiday season, you can also gift your employees holiday packages using Advantage Club. There are other categories like Shopping, Dining, Wellness & Finance to name a few where corporate discounts are available exclusively for the employees.

Make a digital thank you card and let your employees send their regards: Not a usual exercise organizations practice these days but could be done once a year. Employees can send thank you cards and express their gratitude towards their fellas by writing a few lines too.
Like this, all the employees will write and then read about how they helped their colleagues this year. A small activity, but it does wonders at the workplace. People feel special when colleagues say thanks and appreciate the efforts they made. To make this possible, there are platforms like Advantage Club, where you can share the thank you cards with your colleagues and let them know that you remember and value how they helped you. 

A Christmas Tree for the underprivileged: Buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with Christmas balls, small glittery stars, artificial gifts, stockings, and a big Star to put on the top. Place the tree in the center of the office. Ask your employees to give a gift of their love and care for the underprivileged and needy.
Place all the gifts below the Christmas tree. Tie up with an NGO that looks after the underprivileged people and hand all the gifts over to them who will distribute the gifts among those people. In case you don’t know of any NGO as such, let Advantage Club know. We will find you one where you can donate gifts to the underprivileged people. Spread a little warmth wherever you go!

We are about to enter the next decade in a few days from now. The new decade is sure to witness amazing corporate trends and cultures. The organizations are going to level up in every aspect and will thrive to perform better. With a lot of advancement awaited in the coming decade, organizations are set to improve employee engagement, work culture & rewards and recognition to give employees better work experience. Let’s enter the new decade with a lot of joy, fun & excitement at work and make the employees feel at home. 


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