Why Is Digital Rewards and Recognition Important?

Technology has transformed the landscape of societies all over the world. Be it the educational institutions using face recognition as students’ entry pass or homemakers using smart appliances; technology is the common denominator. 

Ever thought how technology can work wonders at the workplace and help in creating an environment that is more supportive and constructive? Or how it can help in improving employee performance, productivity and boost employee morale? Well, the answer to these questions is here. Use technology to reward and recognize your employees. 

Here is why the use of rewards and recognition technology so important in today’s dynamic world.

Flexibility: The use of rewards and recognition technology at work makes it very flexible for the HR teams to respond to the changing priorities and requirements of the organization and accordingly implement them in their rewards and recognition platform. Just a few changes here and there and you are good to go. 
Easy tracking and analysis: The rewards and recognition technology is capable of pulling out information using the data. With the help of this information, the organizations can learn about how successful their program is. In case if it’s not, then they learn about their shortcomings and improvise.

Effective and well administered: The rewards and recognition technology is highly effective and well administered. Minimum efforts and maximum output! This is how one can define it. After the installation and successful implementation of such technology, the manual work is reduced by half. It is always monitored and administered by concerned personnel who keeps a record of everything that is included in their rewards and recognition programs.

Reminders for birthdays and anniversaries: Yes! The rewards and recognition technology notifies the HR teams and concerned personnel about an employee’s birthday and anniversary(if relevant). This not only reduces the manual hassle of keeping track of birthdays every month but also gives the option of sending customized and pre-written birthday wishes. This makes the employees feel special and gives them a sense of belonging.

A variety of options to choose from: The Advantage Club rewards and recognition platform has a rich variety of corporate discounts across all the categories; be it shopping, traveling, dining and wellness, etc. It's like a one-stop-shop where one will find everything and anything. The HR teams can give rewards and points to their employees and they can use it anywhere they want to in the rewards and recognition platform.
Its integration with social media is a boon: Advantage Club is also integrated with social media platforms. This helps in amplifying the effectivity of rewards and recognition by eight times altogether. While a lot of HRs today use social media platforms to post ads for job vacancies. Similarly, they can use the same social media platform to appreciate an employee’s achievements publically and boost his/her morale.

It won’t be wrong to say that technology forms the backbone of every economy. The way we implement it is on us. Employee-centric organizations are leaving no stone unturned to enhance their employee experience and engagement. Adaptation of rewards and recognition technology is becoming very popular among corporates and is helping them build a work culture that is productive and supportive at the same time.