The Increasing Significance Of Emotional Intelligence In Theworkplace

If one studies the current corporate trends, he will know how the concept of emotional intelligence is gradually becoming a very important aspect of almost every business.

In the simplest of definitions, Emotional Intelligence is defined as the capacity of a person to control, express and be aware of his emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. But that is not all folks, emotional intelligence in itself is a very broad concept and not confined to two lines of a definition. 

The following explains the concept of emotional intelligence, its 5 components and how is it changing the game in corporates:

Self-awareness: Self-awareness is the virtue of a person to understand his emotions and behavior patterns. A person who is well aware of himself knows what his weaknesses and strengths are and always works towards improvisation. Thus, a self-aware person will never do things that would be pulling down his peers or making them upset and nor will he be ever ruled by his feelings. Thus helping in keeping a positive atmosphere at work. Such a person is confident in what he does and always believes in himself. 

Self- regulation: Self-regulation means to have control over your emotions. People who can regulate themselves never rush things and take impulsive decisions. They think before they act, adapt easily to change and avoid careless decision making. Employees who have this virtue will never let things negatively affect him and will always say no to things which he thinks is not correct. They keep their cool and handle everything very professionally. 

Motivation: Employees having high emotional intelligence will always be motivated and pumped up at work. They take up every challenge they get and make sure they finish all their tasks. Such employees are highly productive at work and become one of the highest performers at work. They get their motivation from within and do not rely on any outside sources to make them feel motivated. Such employees enhance employee performance and in turn, bring profits to the organization.
Empathy: Empathy is simply understanding the feelings, opinions, mindsets, and emotions of people around you. Empathetic employees understand what the person is going through even when he doesn't make it very obvious. Such people are great at keeping relationships, giving people their space and are great listeners. People confide in such people as they can share their feelings and opinions with them. Showing empathy at the workplace helps in developing relationships among employees and enables employee engagement.
Social skills: The ability to mix well in a new crowd and socialize with people around you is another quality of emotionally intelligent people. Such people are great influencers and handle the disputes easily. They try and thrive to maintain harmony in the group and are the best at resolving any issues. They don’t focus on their success but on the team success. Such people are excellent communicators. Such people make sure that the team works in coordination and complete all the tasks allocated to it.