HR Softwares at The Workplace

Human Resource Management is the need of every organization that focuses on its employees and their wellbeing. The scenario is such that HRs have a lot of ideas to improve their employee efficiency and productivity at work but due to other important functions that are lined up, sadly no time can be taken out to implement those ideas. 

A human resource professional has to look after more than one function at work. It becomes impossible that he carries out each function efficiently and completely. To avoid the over piling of work and getting things done in a timely fashion, organizations are turning to HR technologies. HR technologies are proving to be a savior for human resource personnel and helping them save time. 

The following are the 6 HRM areas where the implementation of HR Softwares are doing wonders:

1. Recruitment Process: Having the right candidate at the right profile at work is very difficult. With the help of HR Softwares, one can create online forms keeping in mind the various job profiles in the company.
This helps save a lot of time that otherwise goes by in sifting through the generic offline forms and then match the qualifications. It also helps in reading and reviewing the resumes online, identifying the current requirements, the technical knowledge needed and expedites the hiring and recruitment process. Such softwares also help in creating the recruitment e-mail templates that can be modified and edited as per the candidate it is being sent to.

2. Employee Engagement: HR softwares can, directly and indirectly, help the HRs to increase employee engagement in the workplace. The HRs use this saved time in creating employee engagement activities and idea generation.
Not just this, platforms like Advantage Club are capable of suggesting the activities to engage employees based on data analysis. It also helps in keeping the employees engaged by allowing them to chat internally with their HRs making the experience more personal. 

3. Perks, Rewards, and Recognition: HR softwares can help you track employee performance through analysis of the data.

The top performers can be rewarded and recognized by managers and peers can also recognize & appreciate each other. There are online HR tech platforms like ‘Advantage Club’ that exclusively cater to the major HR needs relating to employee engagement and productivity. 
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Perks, rewards & recognition boosts employee morale and esteem. Employees feel that their hard work and dedication was worth it and also give them a feeling of belongingness at work. The software is usually integrated with a social platform that enables recognition at a social level and other employees can congratulate the rewarded and recognized employees. The employees can also send thank you cards in response to the wishes received using the same platform.
4. Payroll Process:  Keeping a track of every employee’s salary and other things like reimbursements and compensation are all covered under the payroll.

With the help of payroll softwares, organizations can track employee working hours at work by reading the logged in hours per day. With everything becoming organized and systematic, the HRs can put in their time in framing other important policies. Payroll reports can be prepared in minutes using analytics and data in real-time.

5. Training and development: According to a report by Human Resource Executive Online, 72% of HR professionals are stressed due to the high attrition rate in organizations. Through training softwares, the organization can discover information about an employee through the data stored in the database such as personal information of the employees, performance analysis reports, their pay scale, absenteeism or punctuality, etc.

Reading this information, the system develops training and development modules for the employees that help them overcome their general issues at work, increase their efficiency and enhance the skill set. Training and development helps in the well being of the employees and reflect how the organization thinks about its employees.

6. Feedback: HRs can use HR softwares to receive and deliver feedback. Employees can tell HRs how they feel about the management at the workplace and the HRs themselves.

The HRs too can send feedback to their employees telling them how they feel about them and what all changes are required to match the pace with the organization. Feedbacks help in tracking employee behavior at work. 

The hot and trending topic in every organization is employee engagement and productivity. The workplace demands the holistic growth of the company and creative ideas to indulge employees at work. HRs are Required to bring all this in a platter at the least cost and maximum efficiency. The role of HRs is critical and if they do not adopt and upgrade themselves with time, there is no doubt that the backbone of the organization will break. To match the pace and be at their toes, implementation of HR software are a must at every workplace.