Corporate Vision 2020 - Mission Employee Experience

As an HR of your organization, do you ever come across the following problems?

> Rewards, recognition, and compensation: 
> Work-life balance
> Training and development
> Employee engagement
> Health and security
> Work culture
> Unproductive employees

If you do face any of the above-mentioned challenges, then this article is for you and is undoubtedly worth scrolling.

It is almost a tautology that a happy employee is a productive employee. Enriching the employee experience has rapidly emerged as the critical imperative in ensuring corporate success. Companies that can innovate in creating the most attractive workplace culture stand the best chance of outperforming their competitors. 

The new-age corporate czars and HR gurus are now having to think out of the box to put employee centricity at par with a customer focus. With best in class remuneration, increments, training programs & medical benefits becoming par for the course, their jobs have been rendered even more challenging.

Here is a wish-list of 8 motivational tactics that modern-day corporates can deploy:

(1) Work-life balance
: Most employees today struggle to maintain their work-life balance. Alternatives like flexi-time, work from home & paternity leaves can prove invaluable.

(2) Provide emotional gratification: Institutionalizing the culture of providing positive reinforcement through constant monetary awards and appreciations and letting peers recognize each other on small milestones goes a long way in making employees feel they matter to the company.

(3)Training to upskilling programs: These can be anything around the lines of functional, technical or soft skill-oriented upskilling programs. It makes the employee feel he/she has gained something that could be helpful for his/her future.

(4) Perks, rewards, and recognition: Perks play a huge role in aiding employee satisfaction. Special offers across multiple avenues of spending make employees feel privileged to be a part of their org and also add to workplace pride, not to mention countless savings that happen daily. 

(5) Higher-order healthcare benefits: Higher-order healthcare benefits like a corporate medical insurance cover, convalescence support, regular preventive health check-ups and access to a counselor for issues of mental health would go a long way in creating a worry-free, productive employee. Flexible insurance plans using which employees can protect themselves and their families are very important.

(6) Every established practice is not necessarily outdated: Evergreen enticements like company paid holidays, attractive retirement plans and performance bonuses make the employee feel valued- even today. 
Instead of lapsing unused leaves, organizations have created remunerations for pending leaves to go back to the employee in the form of monetary awards, some have even created options for employees to gift their leaves to others!

(7) Easy access to loans is very valuable: For financial troubles or crisis, easy access to loans is very valuable. Companies can get better group interest rates for their employees. Organizations should try to get seminars/webinars done for such loans and investment options to educate employees and help them improve their quality of life.

(8) Corporate access to Special Interest/Hobby Clubs: Offering corporate access to Special Interest/Hobby Clubs can help teach employees important life skills. This can include public speaking clubs, weight-loss support groups, craft circles, book clubs, art groups, and even safety awareness clubs, etc. This way the company is perceived as adding value at zero cost. Another unconventional engagement method can be to allow employees to buy or sell products within the organization. For example, if an employee wants to buy a second-hand car, it would be in their best interest to buy it from a colleague rather than find someone random on the internet. 

The possibilities regarding what can be done are endless; limited only by imagination and budgets! Using the Advantage Club platform, a lot of corporates have been successful in implementing employee rewards and recognition programs for their employees. Our passion for driving successful employee engagement, exceptional customer service & experience, and employee benefit programs have made us the most preferred employee recognition platform in all the corporates. 

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Author of the above treatise is Smiti Bhatt Deorah who is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Advantage Club. After completing her Masters in Computer Science from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), she has worked with Microsoft in the US. She specializes in B2B relationship building and account management.