Women's Day Special Feature: Shikha Kulshreshtha, APAC C&B Processes & Projects Lead, CNH Industrial India Pvt. Ltd

APAC C&B Processes & Projects Lead,
CNH Industrial India Pvt. Ltd
Tell us about one of your superwoman moments:
I’m a professional; a team leader, strategic thinker and innovator,  mom of two amazing kids, support the extended family, a soccer mom, skates mom, swimming mom, a volunteer for social activities, a mentor for young talent to mention a few.
As like everyone else I chose to do all those things. No one asked me to take on all of that except, well, myself. I firmly believe, all the women live the superwoman moment every single moment they live.
From Superwoman To Super Woman -Recently, I decided I bring a lifestyle shift and see the extraordinary in every day that is ordinary? Connecting more deeply with every individual I meet and the issues I address. Instead of achieving more, we focus on achieving what truly mattered? Beyond compensation to employee wellbeing in a holistic perspective. I continue to aspire to be a "super" woman and connect with head and heart more often.

You ensure work-life balance by:
I believe in taking leaves and plan my year accordingly. We plan a small trip once in two months in an around from visiting relatives to planned vacations and at times joining my husband when he is traveling for work. This gives us the much-needed family time
The days I am not driving, I catch up with my friends on call while going & returning from work.
Working for a progressive thinking organization which has flexible timings and work from home options is a boon.

You spend your weekends doing:
Catching up with people who matter, Spending time with my children. I love cooking and inviting people to my house over lunch or dinner.

A piece of advice to increase women empowerment in the workplace:
Do not hesitate to identify a  mentor/coach to build a holistic perspective.

Few words of wisdom for the women reading this:
Identify clearly what you want to achieve and work towards it instead of just asking or feeling entitled. Continuously upgrade knowledge and add value. Most important, evaluate your words and actions constantly because your behaviour will have an impact on many other women around.