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Women's Day Special Feature: Shahnaaz Anand, Assistant General Manager HR VServ Business Solutions

Assistant General Manager HR
VServ Business Solutions
Tell us about one of your superwoman moments:
I am a working professional and a mother of twins. It takes a great deal of effort, physical and mental energy to bring up two kids at once. I feel everyday demands me to act like a superwoman. So whether I had a hectic day at work, I still have to put up the physical courage to play, listen, feed and get my kids to study. It’s difficult to zero it down to a single episode or moment. There are times when one is juggling between two sick kids and an office work deadline or getting late for a meeting and your toddler decides to throw the worst tantrum ever! Well, that’s life. One of my decisions I feel extremely proud of is taking a sabbatical from work after my kids were born. I had a booming career, close to expecting a promotion and I loved my work. I decided that work could wait, but milestones wouldn’t. I decided to be a stay at home mother and dedicated 2 years of my life nurturing my little ones. I enjoyed the time with them, witnessed all their first’s, had several crazy days, but ultimately built a strong bond with them  After two years, I caught back with my career and life progressed. It was tougher than I expected and but so worth it.
Your life is a reflection of the choices you make, so go ahead make the right choice. Remember every choice you make, makes you.

You ensure work-life balance by:
We are living in a dynamic world where everything is evolving faster than we can process. That also puts immense stress on women who are juggling between work, home and kids.  One of the ways that have helped me stay sane is prioritizing my goals & work. I plan for my week in advance, set weekly and daily goals both professional and personal. I feel the better control I have the less stressful it is. Secondly, I try to achieve the maximum during my work hours and try to keep the rest of my time exclusively for my family. This segregation is necessary and helps me effectively deliver at work and at home. Last but not least, I try to reserve a few minutes from the hectic schedule for myself every day. It's important to take breaks, relax & recharge yourself from time to time.

You spend your weekends doing:
Weekends are a perfect way to unwind and enjoy some exclusive time with my little ones. I am an ardent reader and weekends allow me uninterrupted time to it and enjoy some magical stories with my boys. What better way to live your childhood again! I try to declutter my home & thoughts, take a long walk and make time to pray and thank almighty for his continued grace and blessings. A prayful mind keeps one connected to the higher source and reminds one not to get caught in the chaos and hustle of the material world.

A piece of advice to increase women empowerment in the workplace:
It's important that Organizations harness the power of Diversity, both in thought and spirit. Diversity brings innovation and creativity of a different cadre to the workplace. Companies must create policies and culture that promotes equal opportunities for growth and learning for female employees. Its important to have more and more gender-balanced organizations in India so that we can tap into the true potential of women workers. Companies also need to be mindful that women will need greater flexibility and support since they assume some critical roles in their personal lives. Hence, provide opportunities that allow them to balance home and excel professionally. I would also advise Organizations to provide flexible or part-time working opportunities for mothers who decide to let go of their professional career to be able to bring up their children. Such women will forever be grateful for opportunities to work again and prove to be very productive employees.

Few words of wisdom for the women reading this:
Firstly, believe that you are empowered and no longer the so-called “weaker section” of society. There is a beautiful saying “Be the change you want to see”. We live in a male-dominated workspace where it has taken us long to find our feet firmly on the ground. Culturally, we are groomed to submissive, adjusting and accepting of situations & people around us. At times we easily give in. Remember life is a fine balance of things. I don’t ask of you to be rebellious, but I ask of you to - Speak your mind, Seek your rights, Be Assertive and importantly be yourself. I would also advise women employees to continue to learn and educate themselves, as knowledge is always uplifting and will give you an edge against your counterparts. Do remember, we are juggling between several roles and its ok to do well in some and not so well in others. In the end, it must be a life well lived and cherished. So follow your passions, love freely, travel the world and discover yourself as you go along this journey.
You are a beautiful, inspiring, strong, brave, exceptional Woman. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.


  1. Very down to earth practical experience is shared. Inspiring and motivating.

  2. That's an Incredibly beutiful concoction of much wanted ingredients of a Fullfilling Life...
    Stay close to your dreams Girlee, you have come a long way, and still it's just a start for the potential you have!!!


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