Women's Day Special Feature: Laj Sirohi, Sr. Manager-HR, Indiabulls Ventures Ltd.

Sr. Manager-HR, Indiabulls Ventures Ltd.

Tell us about one of your superwomen moments:
I feel that being Superwomen is not a moment but a journey that all women experience as we play different roles during our lifetime. It about how women play these roles to perfection in both their personal and professional fronts; how we align our ambitions and show our true mettle to the world.
We experience Superwomen moments every time we feel our hard work and commitment has paid off and we see that reflecting in confident eyes of our children and on smiling faces of our family members.

You ensure work-life balance by:
Ensuring work-life balance in today’s busy scenario is definitely challenging but not impossible and I try achieving this by ensuring the basics
•It’s about making the most of your time and energy. By starting the day early with yoga/meditation for mind and soul. This gives you the perfect boost to face challenges of the day.
•By prioritizing your personal and professional tasks. You need to identify which tasks are important/urgent and cannot be compromised during the day.
•Make efforts to stay connected with your children and family members during lunch breaks or free moments. This helps in strengthening the bond of relationships.
•Try not to do everything by yourself and feel confident to seek help from colleagues/friends/family members.
•Every moment in office counts, so stay focused and productive and avoid time wasters.
•Keep all channels of communications open with your seniors by being honest and transparent at all times. This will build trust and bring in flexibility.

You spend your weekends doing:
Weekends are the time to catch up on family front and make up for the time you were otherwise unable to spend during weekdays.
On weekends I make a conscious effort to stay away from mobile/TV and spend quality time with my family members.
I ensure to pamper my daughter by preparing one of her favorite recipes and enjoy seeing her relish the same.
I do ensure to squeeze in some time for a power nap in the afternoon, which leaves me feeling refreshed and re-energized.

A piece of advice to increase women empowerment in the workplace:
Women do experience discrimination and harassment at the workplace. For empowering females employees in workplace concrete actions are needed.
•Companies should make conscious efforts to hire more women employees at different levels in the organization. Hiring females for a predominately male-oriented role and grooming/mentoring them for the leadership positions will bring about the much needed cultural change and gender parity.
•Having a Zero tolerance policy at the workplace for sexual harassment in all forms goes a long way in building the confidence of female employees and making them feel empowered.
•Domestic commitments are the major reasons females stay away from work and drop out of jobs. Providing paid leaves/work from home/flexible working hours help strike a work-life balance.
•Starting a family and entering Motherhood is a turning point in any female’s life and at this point, some females might not be comfortable in taking up demanding or challenging assignments. Offering alternative options to female employees at this crucial time and having childcare /crèche facility near office will help ensure job continuity. 
•Safety and security measures at the workplace (i.e. cab facility/drop for late working/Escort facilities) are other measures which make female employees feel empowered.
•Encouraging/nominating female employees for training and professional courses make them feel cared for.

Few words of wisdom for women reading this:
You don’t have to go by what the world expects you to do. Be satisfied and look within yourself. Every woman is a wonder woman. You don’t need anyone else to endorse you.
Look into the mirror every day and keep reminding yourself that you are doing a good job.