The most exquisite list of amazing places to unwind and experience the magical locations, the beautiful lakes and the movements of the waves around the beaches. We bring to you exotic getaway ideas to add priceless memories to your life. Choose your favorite spot today

1. Kashmir- Earth’s Own paradise
What not to miss- Shikara ride in Dal Lake
From Gulmarg, Ladakh, Magnetic hill to the beautiful monasteries , snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys.- Lose yourself into the enigmatic beauty of Kashmir. Paradise Indeed!

2. Jaipur-  Rich cultural Pink City
What not to miss- The Elephant Safari
Known for its rich culture and shopping , experience royalty in Jaipur. The Pink city and the City Palace will lure you into architectural realms.

3. Kerala- God’s own country
What not to miss-  Kerala Backwaters
Sparkling lush greenery, temples, Ayurveda spas, a hill station and the largest tiger reserve in the country all wrapped in one.

4. Goa- Splendid beaches
What not to miss- Water sports in North Goa
The place comes alive during the winter months, Goa can  be your ultimate getaway destination

5. Coorg- Get back in time- The Scotland of India
What not to miss- Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls
Coorg, our very own Scotland offers temples, waterfalls, scenic beauty that will fill you up with tranquility

6. Andaman- exotic marine life
What not to miss-  Beach no. 7 and Dolphin watching
Clear turquoise waters, un-spoilt beaches, stunning rain forests, gorgeous corals, ancient tribes- Tropical Paradise <3

7. Tawang- Enchanted Serenity
What not to miss- Gorichen Peak and Sela Pass
 Surrounded by beautiful lakes and dotted with an extremely old, very large monastery, it’ s a beautiful place to spend a gleeful weekend

  What not to miss- Magical Palace

It’s colorful, splendid, full of life and great as a family getaway.

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