"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven." The statement is so apt. These little creatures just flip our lives and change it into something magical. Their little hands,their touch, their honest feelings give us the perfect serenity everyday. These little lives are the key to unexplainable exhilaration. With the kids we ourselves transform ourselves into kids and enjoy growing up with them. The presence of children energizes the aura of your homes. May be thats why they are called the bundles of joy <3
The kids who give us new reasons to smile and live, its important that we pour our heart out into their nurturing process and build a strong positive foundation that goes deep into making them a beautiful human being.
It is very remarkably said: "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate." Apart from the love and care that we shower on our bundles of joy, it is extremely crucial to provide them a developing environment that help them to exhibit prodigious results.
Nutrition, Education, Moral values, talent and skill development are some of the basic requisites that help your child excel in future endeavours.
Realizing how important it is for you to sculpt the future of your children; We bring for you our partners who work diligently to help you carve a bright future for your kids :)

1. Max Healthcare: Give your kids a healthy life. Gift them a smiling heart and a healthy body with Max. Max offers complete medical tourism in India with world class treatment facilities and advanced technologies. Therapeutic clinical services, and diagnosis, treatment, pediatrics and consulting services in over 30 medical disciplines are available at Max.

2. Presidium School: Out of all the basic requisites for a better future education is the most important one. Spark wisdom into the beautiful minds of your kids with this school. Presidium is a senior secondary school in Gurgaon redefining education in India. It was conceived and established by renowned educationist and popular parenting expert, Mrs.Sudha Gupta.

3. Domino's: Treat your kids with the cheesy delights at dominos. Even the best nurturing is incomplete without fun and delicious food. Domino’s Pizza offers customers a full menu to choose from, It also offers various types of bread, coca cola products. Also, make your child's birthday special by throwing a kickass birthday party at Domino's!

4. Ramagya: Another great school to shape the future of your kids. Ramagya School Noida is also known as one of the trendsetters in India which are actively applying globally accepted Multiple Intelligence Theory to identity every student's innate potential in order to implement child centric curriculum effectively .They also have a tie up with one of the World's most renowned universities: The University of California, Riverside, USA, IAYP etc. and have similar kind of collaborations with many other renowned Indian Universities.

While you avail any of these you get:

  • Max Healthcare: 10% off on dental, opd, eye, hospitalization services and health packages.
  • Presidium: Rs 25,000 discount on admission fee
  • Domino's: 20% off on minimum bill of Rs 350
  • Ramagya:10,000 security fee waved