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Corporate Solutions : Quick Fix to business problems

An organization is made from its employees, the management, the people who put their heart into the business and make it successful. Imagine that you run a company, you have the best employees, self driven, self motivated and a sound management system, but still there is a lot more that you need to gather on your plate to let your organization glide smoothly over problems and cross all hurdles.
A business in its day to day life faces a lot of corporate problems. There are certain characteristics of a successful business being: Balanced leadership, strong business culture, sound financial literacy, efficient organizational structure and system and healthy work environment. But all these traits come later.
First of all when a company decides to stand in the market it faces some initial problems: Registration and going through all legal processes, Thinking of a location and creating an office space and providing top notch web and IT services to the employees for efficient working. These are the basic requirements that need a quick setup before you can actually climb up the ladder of your dreams for a successful organization.  For filling up all these requisites you need corporate solutions and our partners are just there for your rescue.
1. Legal is now simple! It truly is. is India's leading legal solutions provider. A business looking to get started in India can engage and then go back to doing what it does best - business. They incorporate your Company, apply for your PAN and TAN cards, prepare your documents and also get a trademark for your brand - with a convenience and affordability that no other service provider can match. Our portfolio also caters to the basic legal needs of individuals in India, such as rental agreements, cheque dishonor notices, consumer complaints and partnership agreements.

2.  InhwaBusiness center: Inhwa Business Centre offers flexible office space complete with an advanced IT infrastructure made to suit the needs of the companies of any size. The business centre offers a range of fully equipped meeting rooms with the latest audio visual technology, from 2 people interview rooms to 25 people training rooms.

3. SaffronTech: Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd a 360 degree Technology Company offers Software Development for Web/ Mobile and Internet Marketing Services. Team of 150+ IT professionals!  They break all barriers when it comes to performance, since they consider it vital to achieve growth in all e-business activities in a more efficient and flexible manner. Pushing their limits keeps them at the cutting edge of technology, which help you soar to new heights. They offer services like Web Developments, Web Portal Developments, Web design, Mobile Application etc.

While you avail any of these services you get:
  • 20% off on services
  • Saffron tech: 10% off on services
  • Inhwa: 15% discount on manager cabins
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