Bon appetite- FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!!

Delhi - A very colorful city, rich in heritage and blended with the contemporary twist is definitely a place to be and maybe that's the reason it’s called the city of loving people. It’s the food in here that makes the hearts grow warmer. But one feature that makes the city all the shine is its food. You name it and you will find everything . Indian, American, Latin American, Thai, Asian, Latin, French, Italian… the city has it all and you'll never fall out of options to eat. With the world cuisine on its plate, the city has flavors from all around the world to pamper your food desires.
Since we all love food no matter what country, religion or culture; our food partners cater your taste buds with the best on their plates with the flavors of the world cuisine:

  1. The Great KababFactoryThe Great Kabab Factory is an Indian specialty restaurant offering you a unique dining experience. Using recipes combining the ancient with the contemporary, TGKF brings delectable kababs from all over the Indian sub-continent. At The Great Kabab Factory, you will experience mouth-watering kababs prepared in seven different styles, roasted on the tandoor or on a sighri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots, even grilled on a stone.
 A different menu is set for each day and guests are served unlimited servings of each dish, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 

2. Zerruco:  A contemporary Mediterranean dining experience celebrating good food and seasonal produce comes to life in an exceptional setting. Known to feature a range of unique dishes in the menu like: mushroom and ricotta stuffed “Stiletto” green ravioli with asparagus and tomato mascarpone sauce; Italian beer battered black cod with homemade triple cooked chips and tartar sauce; grilled squid with a spicy Jalapeno salsa and a pan roasted Sea Bass fillet with fennel and orange salad, potatoes and spiced red wine sauce. 

3.  Nom Nom: Take the South East Asian journey with Nom Nom, along with the Sushi from the far east and all the spices they have tried to pack into their menu. They are all set to tease your pallet directly from their woks in the kitchen, and their service staff will encourage all to have that ‘one more’ sake bomb for a fun filled evening.

4. Sahib Sindh Sultan: If you want to eat like a king or be treated like a queen, then the right place for a unique dining experience is one of the finest North Indian restaurants - Sahib Sindh Sultan.  The food reflects the rich past and is an interesting mélange of the cuisines of several states, including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab. It also serves a great variety of Anglo-Indian dishes.

      While you give your taste buds this flavorful savor you get:


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