Woman: The Blessing From Above

Women. You can say it sarcastically, lovably, reverently, apathetically.  No matter how you say it, however, the word produces an image.  An image of a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife.
Mark Twain once said, “What would be men without women? Scarce, sir… mighty scarce.” In today’s society, each woman has multiple roles, each role providing great contributions in upbringing of a healthy solid society.

Women are the greatest gift of god. Despite doing everything together, you will never hear them demand anything in return. They are selfless, compassionate and full of love. They can go around handling office, working in home, cooking, doing chores, taking care of her children and will still have time to cater to all the needs of her family. To see her loved ones happy and growing is her biggest accolade.

For a woman in your life, who does so much for you, she should always be acknowledged with love and appreciation. You don’t need a reason or a special day to make her happy.  Take any day and let her know how special and easy she has made your life. And when it comes to surprising women nothing in the world makes a woman happy as SHOPPING and DISCOUNTS do! :)

Work Advantage presents to you the partners who will help you cherish and embrace the efforts that the special ladies make in your life:

    (1) VanityCube: Have you often found yourself or your special woman wondering when she will get that elusive ‘me-time?’ Do they usually find themselves struggling to force salon visits into their already crazy schedule? Well, now you needn’t worry!

Vanity cube is here to help you. They deliver on-demand beauty treatments, just the way you want them, wherever and whenever you need them. Be it your home, your office, or any other premises. Just give them a room, a table, and a chair; and they will bring you the best beauty treatments and care.
Now you needn’t go anywhere in search of beauty. Give them a call, sit back, and relax while their therapists ensure that happiness and beauty come knocking at your door!

   (2) Fitho: Everytime you see your mother, sister or any other woman in your house doing everything and lacking time for her own health? Don’t you worry anymore.  FitHo is the leading web & mobile app, to get you fit, lose weight & get healthy. It offers you weight loss plans, fitness plans, weight loss apps, fitness apps, workout outs, diet apps, health coaches. Just surprise her with this e-treasure and see wonders happen J

   (3) Delhi DanceAcademy: We all need a deviation from our boring schedule and need that interesting spark of an extra relaxing activity like a dance routine in the entire day that not only refreshes you but also helps you maintain that body shape. What better option than dancing? At Delhi Dance Academy, students from all over Delhi learn various dance forms in their centers in Delhi and Gurgaon.  Give her some break of her tiring schedule.

(4) N-gal: Online shopping and Women are the perfect match. For a woman who works every day at home and doesn't have time to go around for a shopping tour to the mall, online shopping is the greatest blessing J  Remind her how beautiful she is. N-Gal Originals reveals the beautiful, sensual woman inside of a female – when more than ever before, she needs to feel special. Wearing exquisite dresses or lingerie certainly lifts the spirits. The mood of every woman is catered for. Their philosophy is to empower women, to remind them that they are beautiful, confident and sexy!!  N-Gal is well known for its high quality, impeccable customer service and elegant and glamorous presentations. Let your woman feel beautiful again!

Surprising your sister, wife, daughter and mother was never so much fun. Make her happy and save yourself some bucks too. While you use any of these services you get:
  • Fitho: 300 off on 3months diet plan
  • N-gal: 25% off on orders valuing Rs. 1999 or more
      To know more visit: www.workadvantage.in
   Happy Savings :) 



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