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Technology is touching lives around the globe. The advent of internet made it quite easier for us to do things at the speed of light, be it online banking, be it ticket booking and most importantly shopping. We don't need to tell you how much women love shopping. And the online shopping facility just adds the layer of finesse to how impeccably internet generated these online services and just with the click of a button the entire market is presented in front of the user. Want to buy furniture, clothes, bags, kitchenware, properties, gifts? You have it all! Just at one single place! You don't need to wander around different shops and get irky when online services are there to rescue you.

E-commerce stores relieve customers of travel time, and retailers of storefront expenses.

You don't even need to worry about if you don't have good shopping skills or you suck at bargaining because these online shopping services give you a lot of variety at affordable prices plus the free home-delivery feature just makes you love the online facilities even more.

So, we bring to you four of our partners who have taken the concept on online ease and services to a better level and have made their online presence felt: Caricme, Locville, Zenify, Isayorganic.

1. Caricme: Imagine the times where you feel that urge to gift something really unique. Don't run your horses; is the right place for you. No matter the season, Caricme is here to help you find great gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones. You can order 3D table tops, personalised souvenirs and lots more.

2. Locville: Tired of traveling and searching for products on lonely and congested streets? Facing difficulty in getting the most amazing collection of products? LocVille is here to solve all your shopping woes. presents you a hassle free shopping experience. Choose from a wide range of bags, kitchenware, home & decor and other lifestyle products.

3. Zenify: Buying, selling, renting properties with ease? Yes! Zenify does the same for you. provides quality service through innovative practices. At Zenify, they create a rental ecosystem of harmony & stability for both property owners & tenants allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their labor without any hassles.

4. IsayOrganic: Ever thought of buying vegetables online? is a social enterprise which believes in giving people the option of eating safe food (grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides), while recognizing and supporting farmers who grow this food. You can phone in or order online and enjoy safe food.

While you order any product from the above portals you save:
·      zenify: 10% off on services
·      locville: 10% off on any order
·      caricme: 25% off on any order
·      isayorganic: 10% off on any order
To know more visit:
Happy Savings :)


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