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Hygiene- Stepping Stone To A Perfect Lifestyle

Imagine yourself to be living a lifestyle where you are disease free, carrying an absolutely amazing physical charisma, where your mind and body shines and speaks volume about your personality? Loved it? Of course!! Each one of us dreams of it. Getting back to the old slimmer size, getting rid of a disease, develop abs, soothe your senses and let your body talk. We no longer live in a world where hygiene just equals to being illness free. Today’s definitions of health and hygiene have extended its dimensions. With the growing importance of health and hygiene a lot of gyms, hospitals, medical portals, spas are elevating to change the way we look at hygienic lifestyle.
Hygiene refers to practices that aim at an individual’s cleanliness and grooming of his own self. It is essential for reasons of health, fitness, culture and style.
When we think upon these components the three requirements we all have are: Medical Hospitals, Gyms and Spas. Medical Hospitals cater us services to cherish a healthy body and cure our ailments. Gyms cater us with a healthy and fit lifestyle while spas help us to rejuvenate and cater serenity to our body and mind. You believe it or not in a way these three have become an inseparable part of our routine.
That’s why we bring you four partners that will shape your health and hygiene in a magical way:
1.   Medanta: Medanta – The Medicity is one of India's largest multi-super specialty institutes located in Gurgaon, a bustling town in the National Capital Region. Founded by eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan, the institution has been envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of medical care along with clinical research, education and training. Medanta is governed under the guiding principles of providing medical services to patients with care, compassion, commitment. The Medicity brings together an outstanding pool of doctors, scientists and clinical researchers to foster collaborative, multidisciplinary investigation, Inspiring new ideas and discoveries; and translating scientific advances more swiftly into new ways of diagnosing and treating patients and preventing diseases. A one-of-its-kind facility across the world, Medanta through its research integrates modern and traditional forms of medicine to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.

2. : Sheer passion to transform the unorganized diagnostics setup in the country led to the birth of this venture. Utmost consideration has been taken to find a solution to all grievances people have been facing to get a test done. You can fall upon our trustworthy setup and state of the art quality service, whenever in need!
            You can get tests done in two ways:

At home:
Book an appointment in the lab of your choice, for the time slot convenient to you, avail a discount and get the test done at home

At the pathology laboratory:
Book an appointment through their website in the lab of your choice and avail a discount when you visit the laboratory to get the test done.
You even get the option of getting tests done from two or more different labs with the help of a single prick.

3. The Gym: It provides you with the ultimate fitness experience, one that focuses on your specific fitness needs, helps you achieve the results you are after and invigorates your soul. They guarantee the highest quality equipment and training programs available, an expert staff, special amenities that are often not found in other health clubs, attentive service and truly sophisticated surroundings. Their every Fitness training center is committed to being a unique Fitness training center in India.

4.   Aura Day Spa: The Aura day spa has emerged as an established brand in the gates of divine wellness which makes you easy in middle of the hectic stressed out life. Despite its embrace of modern amenities and luxury, Aura Day Spa has kept the holistic wellness traditions close to the surface !! At Aura Day Spa, the outer well being of an individual is as important as a calm inner state which is worked upon by our trained therapists with treatments created by combining the best ancient techniques and herbal secrets with advanced discoveries in beauty and wellness.  Once you enter Aura Day, we make sure that you “find your energy” and walk away with “ The Royal Aura” !!



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