“If at first the idea is not absurd and unique, then there is no hope for it” Albert Einstein’s saying was certainly true. We no longer live in a world where the basic, clichéd ideas will take you to places. The world demands ‘Innovation’, ‘Uniqueness’, ‘the ideas that create Spark!’. All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea that is unique. In the world of Business, the competition is at peak and the Entrepreneurs who combined curiosity, obsession, endurance and self-criticism with a unique business idea are always the ones to hit the list of top players of the market place. Moreover an idea is not enough; it is the uniqueness that kindles the fire of success. Uniqueness of an idea is the most potent economic stimulus. It is the uniqueness of an idea that sells it itself to the customers. Customers often see innovation and uniqueness as something that adds value to the company. If used properly it can give you commercial advantage especially in saturated or rapidly shifting markets. Today a lot of companies are coming up with millions of ideas, just like them we have among our partners, the companies who just comprehended the Algorithm of Uniqueness exquisitely and are catering the customers through their businesses:

Footprints is one of the best daycare and play schools you can ever find. The vibrant colors with which the school is done up with, talks about its happy, fun-loving and positive ambience. The teachers and staff are extremely gentle, loving and caring. There is complete transparency as a parent can keep tracking his/her child’s activities through the CCTV cameras.They have innovative teaching methodologies which nurtures your child’s future.
 iDHOBi in Gurgaon serves their Clients with Dry cleaning, Laundry, Purse and bag Dry cleaning, Shoes Laundry and Soft Toys Cleaning Services. They Take Your Dirty Laundry Clothes By Weight. They wash, dry, press, fold and return them to you looking as good as new. Now leave your tensions to them and they will give you professional laundry solutions. They are the most renowned and economical laundry solution in town.

Ever wished for a portal where you can find classes for anything you want to learn? If yes, then Skill Kindle is there to help you. Skill kindle is a community marketplace to list,discover and book great classes & experiences in the city. Book a seat right away and get all the details in your inbox. It is open for both learners and trainers. While learners here can search for any classes, trainers can track registrations, manage their online & phone leads and collect payments.

We all are fans of Coffee shops, sipping our favorite coffee flavor, gossiping around with our friends. Coffee shops almost killed the love of tea lovers as there are just a few tea shops in the town. But not anymore, Chai Patty is a simplified, warm and friendly neighborhood tea café in Bangalore with exquisite décor which offers the best tea, Maggi, Pakodas and other snacks. The unique thing about the tea café is that, It’s also a mini art store with jewelry & home decor items put for sale. And the place also metamorphoses into activity workshops for Salsa, pottery, bar tending, photography, film-making, dessert-making, etc.